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Tequila is one of the first distilled spirits to truly originate in North America, having been birthed from a pre-Columbian fermented drink called pulque. Produced from blue agave, a succulent plant with razor sharp spines, the tequila making process has changed little since the first distillation. The truest forms of tequila are sourced from Jalisco, Mexico, where the combination of soil, climate, and altitude result in the most ideal agave plants. Every tequila’s conception typically begins with agave piñas which are hand selected and picked. To this day many tequila artisans utilize what the piñas were originally cooked in: brick-ovens or, el hornos. After the natural sugars of the plant are brought out by slow-cooking, the roasted agaves are crushed and fermented before undergoing a distillation process.

If you ever buy tequila, you’ll find that it generally comes in four varieties, plata or blanco, reposado, añejo, and extra añejo. These distinctions depend on the aging period. Blanco or silver tequila is not aged, reposado is aged at a minimum of two months up to 364 days, and añejo is a full year or more. However, after three years, the spirit is considered extra añejo.

Some of the most popular tequila brands include Don Julio, Patron, José Cuervo, Espolon, and many others. Each comes from a rich history of traditional tequila-making imbued into the spirits they produced, giving them reason to be so popular and widely consumed. Many offer a wide range of type and age, perfect for mixing into any cocktail or slowly sipping and savoring. If you order tequila online at Country Wine & Spirits, you’ll find these, along with a variety of tequila distillers, including rare and beautifully crafted tequilas, often bottled in artisanal vessels, like this Clase Azul Reposado.

In Mexico, tequila is traditionally consumed neat, but the list of cocktails that use tequila is nearly endless! In general, younger tequilas are consumed as shots or mixed into cocktails such as palomas, margaritas, or Mexican mules. Tequilas with more depth in flavor and a thicker, more pleasing mouthfeel are typically consumed neat or on the rocks as a sipping tequila. The flavor profiles of tequila can vary greatly depending on the agave each batch is produced from so you’ll never experience the same taste again. Discover new and exciting drinks when you buy tequila online at Country Wine & Spirits today! Always with a new tequila for sale, our range and variety will suit any of your needs for this celebrated agave spirit.

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