Best Bottles Halloween 2020



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Quick Overview

Bright medium amber color. Strong cinnamon candy and pepper aromas follow through to an oily, slightly sweet medium body of hot spicy cinnamon drops and mineral flavor. Great flavor for mixing.

Customer Reviews

Best Bottles Halloween 2020

Fireball Cinnamon Whisky took the world by surprise with its introduction in Canada in the ’80s. Ever since it has enjoyed immense popularity and reputation from drinkers worldwide due to its exclusive combo taste of cinnamon spices. In a pop culture too, the whisky got immortalized through the songs of many music bands. With over $130 million in sales in the years 2014 and 2015, Fireball whiskey has made it to the top of the spirit sales worldwide. In view of its enormous popularity, here are some facts that you do not know about Fireball Cinnamon Whisky.

It started as part of the company Seagram’s flavored lineups of schnapps in the ’80s. The Sazerac Company acquired the brand rights in 1989 and began marketing it by the name Dr. McGillicuddy’s Fireball Whiskey. However, many believed it to be a product of the bartender’s effort to combat the harsh winters that struck the country in the mid-’80s.

The Label Spelling
The label of Fireball is spelled ‘whisky’ with the intentional omission of the letter ‘e’ from it. There are many reasons stated for the disappearance of the letters, besides the general rule of Canadian and Scotch Whiskey makers omitting the letter.

The ingredients have been long kept a secret by the manufacturer. Fireball’s base is the Canadian whisky and it is bottled at an alcoholic volume of 33 percent. It however has the presence of real natural cinnamons in it that gives the whisky its unique flavor.

Red Dragon Logo
The new red dragon logo on the bottle of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky was a result of the rebranding efforts by Sazerac in 2007. It completely abandoned all the aspects of its earlier design and named by adopting a new package design along with the fire breathing dragon logo. This strategy worked with the brand enjoying a surge in its sales and becoming one of the top-selling spirits.

Apart from the saucy liquor in the bottle, the brand also invested in merchandise like baby dolls, T-shirts, and hats. They even marketed cell phone covers with their iconic dragon logo, and reports say that the merchandising efforts have also contributed to the brand’s profits.

Social Media
Fireball has enjoyed tremendous popularity in social media platforms around the world. Its Instagram feed has a record of 70,000 followers, which is a lot more than any other liquor brand in the market today.