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Common Myths and Misconceptions about Beer Beer is undoubtedly one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the world. Almost every one of us has enjoyed the pleasure and taste offered by this amazing drink. Be it a party, a business meet, or any other celebration, the event would be incomplete without having Beer on the menu. However, there are numerous myths and misconceptions about Beer. So, let us investigate some of the common mistaken beliefs about Beer and see what the actual truth behind these myths is. Beer Should be Served Ice-Cold A major proportion of Beer drinkers claim that it should be served ice-cold. Macro-breweries are mainly responsible for this misconception. Ice-cold temperature actually reduces the taste of the Beer and you might end up drinking more than a few bottles, which is like drinking some cold water. Beer tastes the best when it is served in between the temperature range of 40-55 degrees. Lagers are Always Light Another major misconception among alcohol lovers is that they believe lagers are flavorless and light. However, there are many different varieties of lagers available in the market, and where some of the lagers are light and flavorless, the rest are strong and flavored. If you were looking for a lager which is strong and flavored, then you should certainly try Rauchbier, Baltic porters, and Dopplebocks. Dark Beer Has Higher ABV Another common misconception among alcohol drinkers is that dark Beer has a high Alcohol by Volume (ABV) rate. Yet in fact, color is not really an indicator of the alcohol content, but only a reflection of the malts used during the production of the drink. Strong Beer can be either dark or light in color. You can try a few different colored Beer products to strike out this misconception. Bottled Beer is Better Many beer drinkers from all around the world claim that bottled Beer is way better than canned Beer. A few canned beer products actually tasted a bit metallic a few years ago. However, now majority of canned beer products uses a chemical liner, which prevents the entry of any external flavors into the drink. Try some of the latest canned Beers and decide which one is a better choice. All Beers Taste the Same Many people strongly believe that all Beers taste pretty much the same. However, the taste and color in you Beer is related to the amount of roasted malts and kilned used during the preparation, and determines the flavor, bitterness, and sweetness of the final product.

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